How to Get Free Crypto in 2023

Nov 18, 2022

Is AAVE a Good Investment in 2023? (On-chain Data Analysis)

Nov 09, 2022

How to Get Rich with Cryptocurrency in 2023

Nov 07, 2022

On-chain Metrics Analysis (Explained for Beginners)

Nov 06, 2022


Is your portfolio stressing you out? Don't rely on random influencers or gut feelings anymore. We'll teach you how to master on-chain analytics so you can make educated & unbiased investment decisions!


Basic Course

Learn On-Chain Data Basics

A comprehensive introduction to on-chain data research, analysis and workflow. Learn how to use on-chain data to form market bias.



Intermediate Course

Become an On-Chain  Analyst

A fast-paced and easy to follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of on-chain data analysis, with special focus on NFT research.


Advanced Course

Become an On-Chain Wizard

Designed for true data analysis nerds. This course will teach you how to combine technical and on-chain analysis to generate one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency market alpha.


Which program is right for you?

If you're new to crypto trading and investing, or looking to improve your skills, our comprehensive courses can help you level up!


Learn On-Chain Research Basics

A step-by-step guide to help you get started with on-chain data research and analysis in the next 30 days.

Become an On-Chain Analyst

Learn the ins and outs of on-chain data research and analysis, with special focus on the NFT sector.

Become an On-Chain Wizard

Learn advanced research, analysis, and trading strategies to make magic internet money, and dominate the market.

What Degens Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

“After 2 years of experience in crypto, I thought I was an effective trader. The BrainYield course changed my perspective and taught me more in a few days than I learnt in those 2 years.”


Anon Degen

"I was skeptical about learning on-chain analysis, but the course was amazing! I wanted a reliable way to find alpha on my own and BrainYield has helped do just that!"


Anon Degen Dev

"I had $4.5M in November 2021. theGuy said to start selling before Thanksgiving... I panicked and did nothing, and watched it dwindle down to less than 6% of that. Don't be like me, buy the BrainYield course, listen to theGuy!"


Anon Degen, M.D.

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