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When you're new to crypto or you've just started learning, tech stresses are the last thing you need. You started down this journey so you could get some freedom and do what you love, not waste your time feeling stuck and frustrated.

We want to help you get past the hurdles and feeling like you want to throw your computer out the window, so you can put your time and effort into what's important! Which is gleaning valuable insights and opportunities to help you and your tribe achieve financial freedom.

We can help you understand Nansen 1-on-1, so you can make the most of this powerful platform, or you can join our expert community and save even more time and headaches.

Whatever you need, we're here to help you improve your research and analysis skills so can become a spectacularly successful crypto investor.


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Meet The Brainyield Team


Chief Market Analyst

theGuy is a Nansen expert, 2008 Financial Crisis, 2017 Bitcoin Wars, 2021 Chain Wars veteran, and a huge technical analysis nerd. Since 2020 theGuy has been teaching new traders and investors how to analyze and navigate the crypto markets. 

His claim to fame is publicly calling the 2021 Bitcoin market top on Twitter and Telegram, along with several other subsequent major market moves. theGuy was encouraged by his crypto investing frens to found a private trading/alpha Telegram group in early 2021, from which the idea for Brainyield eventually spawned. In January 2022, Brainyield published its first ever tweet and the rest is history!

theGuy is on a mission to share his knowledge and experience about trading and investing in the crypto markets with as many newcomers as possible. A firm believer in "being in it for the tech," theGuy's passion for the industry spans way beyond monetary incentives, and is instead centered around the core principles of emancipation and financial literacy for the economically oppressed. theGuy's knowledge and experience, along with his insight, creative ideas and ability to explain complicated concepts simply, are incredibly valuable resources all new crypto investors should explore.


Social Media + Community Manager

Vab looks after all our social media and is our community manager. She is the one posting on social media, and even writing some emails, but you'd never know because she does a great job making it sound like me! You will likely see her posting and answering questions in our Discord, Telegram and Twitter. She makes sure you're getting your questions answered and are having a great time in our groups.

Vab lives in Miami, Florida, so you can catch her on Eastern Standard time! 


Project Manager

Jose coordinates our team and makes sure it all gets done! His organizational mindset is the key to our launches and project success! He helps keep me on track, as well as the rest of the team with his Discord management, and swift action to any issue that appears.

Jose lives in Lisbon, Portugal with his beautiful family, and loves to help our amazing students, members, and clients succeed, you can catch him on Western European Standard Time! 


Tech Integrations Specialist

Lou is our technical wizard, who loves integrations and tech support. He is an expert in Javascript, React, and Solidity to name a few.

Lou nerds out over smart contracts and analytics and he loves problem solving to fix complex tech issues. He lives in London, England so you can catch him on Greenwich Mean Time!

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