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Chief Nerd

I'm an ex-teacher, turned financial market analyst and autistic โ‚ฟOSS respectooor. Just a regular guy who fell in love with Bitcoin in 2014 and then again in 2023. I was trained in market analysis by an ex-CBOE and NYSE ARCA market maker, and in GPT4 by random online anons. My journey to financial freedom was a long and arduous one, so I hope to help others avoid many of the pitfalls I encountered.
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Social Person

Vab is a serial entrepreneur and former nationally-recognized math teacher. Sheย  looks after all our social media and is our community manager. She is the one posting on social media, writing emails, and taking calls. You will likely see her posting and answering questions in our Discord, Telegram and Twitter. She makes sure you're getting your questions answered and are having a great time in our community.
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I ventured into the web3 space in 2020, and through savvy trading of shitcoins coins and building a strong network, I grew a three-figure investment into a deep six-figure portfolio. Now, I'm bringing my problem-solving and strategizing skills to the back office of Brainyield, helping shape our future. TheGuy says I need to add just one more sentence here at the end so the text boxes line up properly.