How to Get Free Crypto in 2023

crypto how-to Nov 18, 2022
How to get free crypto

Wanna Know How to Get Free Crypto?

So, you wanna learn how to get free crypto in 2023? Well, you're in the right place! There are several different strategies you can use to get free crypto tokens, and this article covers the very best of them. Excited? So are we, so let's not waste any more time and get you that free crypto you've been searching for!

How to Get Free Crypto with Referral Programs

The idea behind referral programs is pretty simple: if you bring new users to a product, the company will give you a reward. This is a great way to get free crypto because you aren't actually spending any money. Instead, you're just doing something you would have done anyway: sharing information about products you like.

The trick is to find the right referral program. One place to start is by looking at websites that list referral programs, like this one. You can also search online for the name of your desired token and "referral program" to see if there are any specific programs associated with that token. Keep in mind that the best referral programs will have a system in place to ensure that people aren't spamming their links everywhere. Companies like to create their own viral marketing and don't want to be associated with the spammers. If you look legitimate, though, you should be able to get your hands on some free tokens.

Here's a list of great crypto referral opportunities in 2023:

  1. Koinly.io - With Koinly, you can connect your wallets and exchanges and have your crypto taxes calculated and reported in a variety of IRS tax reports, ATO tax reports, TurboTax reports, and more. Referral rates start at 20% and affiliates can earn up to 40% commission on every sale.
  2. Paxful.com - Despite having more than 10 million users, Paxful is a popular P2P exchange that was originally known as EasyBitz. Paxful has a significant presence in India, despite its global reach. Paxful provides a range of security features like escrow accounts and security deposits, so security is not an issue. Paxful is an excellent choice for a safe P2P exchange for novices, as it supports the three most widely-used cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and USDT.  Paxful affiliates earn 50% of the escrow fee if someone you refer buys Bitcoin on the exchange. Paxful pays out in Bitcoin, making it an excellent way to earn more of the market-leading cryptocurrency.
  3. Kraken.com - Kraken is one of the most well-known exchanges in the industry. They have over 120 cryptocurrencies available for trading, which makes it a good choice for almost anyone interested in buying or selling crypto. For more experienced traders, Kraken provides margin trading and futures among other advanced products. The interface is user-friendly and makes it easy to buy and sell crypto. Its also one of the most popular exchanges because of its excellent affiliate program. You can refer people to the exchange and receive 20% of the trading fees you collect from them as long as you have a finance or crypto website (or app) or are a social media influencer with at least 5,000 followers.
  4. Bybit.com - Bybit has over five million registered users, and it's already a household name among crypto investors. As a one-stop shop for crypto, Bybit's goal is to provide investors with everything they need to purchase, sell, trade, earn, and access higher-level trading products such as options, derivatives, leveraged tokens, and margin trading. You can also earn more if you join Bybit's affiliate program and refer clients to the company. Bybit is seeking individuals who can easily promote the platform in return for joining them. Affiliates get 30% of Bybit's profits from all of your referrals' transactions, as well as 10% of all the income your downline makes. You will also get paid in cryptocurrency if you sign up subaffiliates.
  5. BitDegree.org - BitDegree is the world's leading crypto educator, helping people learn about digital currencies in the "learnoverse", a crypto learning metaverse. Members can earn NFT certificates in order to incentivize learning in the learnoverse as they explore. You can find courses on everything crypto, from investing to developing DeFi protocols to working in the industry, there's a course for you.The BitDegree affiliate program more than 20,000 members earning money by endorsing reputable crypto courses to others. Even if your referrals don't purchase a course, you will still receive 20 BDG tokens for every free active referral, so you will still be paid.

How to Get Free Crypto by Creating Content

One of the best ways to get free tokens is by participating in a cryptocurrency content creation programs. A content creation program is sort of like an advertising campaign: you create some content and then get paid for it. In the world of cryptocurrency, content programs are usually focused on social media engagement. These programs often involve creating posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some companies even let you re-post articles from their website. Posts should be engaging and link back to the company behind the token. If people like your content, they'll click on the link and purchase tokens. Content creation programs are a great way to get free crypto because you don't have to pay for the tokens upfront. Instead, you'll simply get a cut of the tokens that are purchased as a result of your posts.

Here's a list of great content creation opportunities in 2023:

  1. Publish0x.com - Publish0x.com is a social blogging platform where users can earn cryptocurrency for their contributions. The way it works is that readers have the option to send a micro tip to the authors and keep a percentage of the tip for themselves. These tips don't cost readers and authors anything, because they come from the Publish0x rewards pool. At this time Publish0x is still a relatively new and small website, so pay-outs are not very large, but the company is looking to expand its advertising revenue in the near future, so it may be worth it to interact with it now while its still early.
  2. Read.cash -  Read.cash is a social media platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for creating and sharing content. Users can also tip each other for good content, and can donate to content creators that they enjoy. So far, users have earned almost $1M on this platform. The website pays out in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which can be spent on the Internet or converted to the local fiat currency of your choice.
  3. Steemit.com - Steemit is a social media platform that allows users to earn rewards for their content. Its one of the oldest and largest of all crypto content creation platforms, so it has a big community and very diverse topic categories. You'll find articles on a variety of subject matter, from world news, to art, to crypto how-to's, and even food recipes! There's something for everyone to explore on Steemit, so we recommend you check it out!
  4. LeoFinance.io - Content creators on LeoFinance are rewarded with LEO tokens for writing crypto and finance blog posts. The content is stored on the Hive blockchain, which ensures that it is both permanent and resistant to censorship. As users gain upvotes, they receive more rewards on a Proof of Stake basis.
  5. Odysee.com - Odysee is a blockchain-based media platform that allows users to post images, articles, PDFs, and audio files among other content. They are most well-known for hosting videos. Instead of watching late-night talk shows, network TV, or news on TV, Odysee is a place for where viewers can find independent creators who provide the same type of content. Odysee is trying to recapture the spirit of the early 2000s internet by focusing on corporate content like network television, late-night talk shows, and TV news. Odysee is a blockchain-based media platform that utilises LBRY to provide content. Blockchain enthusiasts will find this really cool, while those who are unfamiliar will be welcome to use the platform without any knowledge of blockchain.

How to Get Free Crypto with Airdrops

An airdrop is basically a freebie giveaway some crypto projects award to early adopters and users of their platform. One of the best ways to get free crypto is through an airdrop.One of the most famous airdrops was done by the decentralized exchange Uniswap in 2020. They gave everyone who had used their platform hundreds of $UNI tokens, which were worth thousands of dollars at one point. It was like a crypto stimulus check!

However, you must be careful! There are scammers and hackers out there who will create airdrops and then ask for your private information. You'll need to be careful about which airdrops you sign up for. An airdrop is the perfect way to get free tokens if you don't want to spend much money and want to learn more about crypto. There are tons of airdrops out there that distribute tokens to anybody who interacts with their services. Airdrops are easy to find online. Just search "airdrop" along with the name of the token you want to collect. You'll find plenty of articles detailing the steps you need to take to qualify for the airdrop. Then, all you have to do is complete all the steps, and you'll get free crypto in return!

Airdrops are a little trickier than content and referral programs, because you have to constantly research the opportunities. So, below are three great ways to look for information on possible airdrops:

  1. Twitter - Twitter is the number one place for crypto information in general. If you're not active on Twitter its like you're not even in crypto! There are many people on Twitter who cover airdrops specifically, the person featured below is just one of many. If you really wanna get free crypto with airdrops you will have to scour Twitter often and follow people like this.
  2. Earn.fi - This is a website where you can input your wallet address and it will automatically search for any airdrops you may qualify for. You can set up email notifications, so you never miss an airdrop opportunity, and they also have a learning/research section where you can find out about upcoming airdrops. There is a fee you'll have to pay if you want to monitor more than one wallet, but we're talking about free money, so it kind of pays for itself. If you have multiple wallets and interact with Defi often, we highly recommend you use this service.  
  3. Nansen.ai -  Nansen is a software company that allows you to analyze on-chain data. We wrote an article about it, which you can read here. The main way to use Nansen to find airdrop opportunities is to filter by "Airdrop Pro" on their Smart Money tab. When you do this Nansen will show you the on-chain activity of all traders it considers airdrop experts and you will be able to see what they've been up to. Nansen isn't free, but its totally worth it if your serious about getting free crypto!

How to Get Free Crypto with Games

Before you dismiss this option as frivolous, consider this: the gaming industry generates more than $100 billion in revenue every year. Cryptocurrency and gaming have already begun to converge; one of the first examples was the release of CryptoKitties back in 2017. In 2021, the world saw the emergence of "play to earn" gaming.  Play to earn gaming (P2E) is a type of game where players can earn rewards for playing the game. These rewards can be in the form of in-game items, such as weapons or armor, or they can be in the form of real-world currency, such as dollars or euros. Play to earn games are becoming increasingly popular as a way for gamers to make money. One of the most famous P2E games is Axie Infinity, which is digital pet game where players can collect, breed, and battle fantasy creatures called Axies and earn crypto while they play. There are many other blockchain-based games that give you the opportunity to earn free crypto. For example, there's a game called Crypto Hunt that rewards players with 100 free tokens for every 100 points they earn in the game. Like with bounty programs, you don't have to spend any money to earn the free tokens.

Here's a list of the best P2E games in 2023:

  1. The Sandbox - The Sandbox is an open world full of unique games where players can create their own experiences using a visual game builder. The Sandbox is still in alpha testing, but if you're interested in play-to-earn games, this should be on your radar.
  2. Axie Infinity - No other blockchain-based game has been as important as Axie Infinity. The game involves breeding, collecting, and battling creatures called Axies and using them to explore the world of Lunacia. At its peak, the marketplace made millions in sales every day, and Axies were sold for thousands of dollars each.
  3. Gods Unchained - Gods Unchained is a collectible, fantasy, and trading card game built on the Ethereum network. It’s free to play, simple to get started with, and provides immediate play-to-earn gameplay.
  4. Splinterlands - A cross-chain ecosystem, Splinterlands is a play-to-earn blockchain trading card game that is played directly in a browser. It was originally developed as Steemmonsters on the Steem blockchain but is now based on the Hive blockchain. Because of cross-chain functionality, individuals can also trade cards and tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and Wax in addition to the Hive chain. The governance token "SPS" is now part of Splinterlands.
  5. Illuvium - Illuvium is a game about building a space colony. You will need to gather resources, build structures, and defend your colony from space pirates. The Illuvium blockchain game employs a play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism. Using the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, it is accessible to Macs and PCs. Players can explore an open world, collect NFTs, and participate in an auto battler.

How to Get Free Crypto with Rewards Cards

 Everyone is familiar with rewards cards. They are basically a type of credit card that offers rewards points to cardholders for every purchase they make. Rewards points can be redeemed for cash back, travel, merchandise, or other perks. Well, there are similar rewards cards and programs that you can use to get free crypto, specifically Bitcoin. Below are some of the most popular ones in 2023:

  1. Foldapp.com - This app is a must for any household. Why? Because every single purchase earns you Sats (fractions of a Bitcoin). You can use it for groceries, phone bills, gas, tolls, etc... It's like a debit card. The fold app also has a cool feature called the "spin wheel" option where, if you are lucky, you can win 1 free BTC!
  2. Cashapp.com - this popular payment app offers promotions with their card to earn Bitcoin through the "boost" option. You click on the boost section and find the option that earns you FREE Bitcoin. For example, this week's promotion: earn 5% worth of Bitcoin on one purchase at any restaurant!  
  3. Thebitcoincompany.com - If you like buying giftcards, then this website is for you! Here, you can earn Sats (fractions of a Bitcoin) just by purchasing gift cards. A quick tip: do not buy a gift card if you do not need it. Only buy a gift card if you plan on purchasing something in that store/company.
  4. Lolli.com - With Lolli you can earn up to 30% cash back in BTC just by using the app to make everyday purchases. It helps that they have over 1,000 stores to choose from, and many of them you probably already use. This company has been around since 2018, so in our opinion, its one of the best ways to get free crypto in 2023.



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