The Liquidity Warz of 2025: A Review of Curvance (Part 2) 🤓

defi Apr 18, 2023
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We ran out of space on the first 🧵 so here's the second one. If you haven't read Part 1, click here.
Let's finish it , sers!  


4️⃣ Lending and Borrowing

Curvance utilizes a modified version of Compound to create lending markets, where risk is isolated.

Their structure allows stablecoin depositors to decide how much risk they're comfortable with based on the specific assets backed by each pool 👇  
This means any risks or issues with other pools don't affect the lending markets.

When you deposit your assets, the smart contracts route them back to their original protocols so you can earn interest on them, while simultaneously allowing you to borrow against them 👇
The underlying pools do not run automated liquidations.

Instead, the system is based on a thriving community of liquidators who are incentivized receiving part of the collateral 🤓 


5️⃣ Roadmap & Future updates

Currently, this is their plan for rollout (2023):

April = Incentivized Testnet

May = Beta Launch

June = Full Protocol Launch 👇

🚨Incentivized Testnet🚨


Features will include 1️⃣ full lending market support, 2️⃣ asset zapping, 3️⃣ token bridging, 4️⃣ veToken locking, and 5️⃣ gauge emissions.

Users who participate and provide feedback in the questionnaire may qualify for an airdrop of CVE call options 👇  

🚨Beta Launch🚨


This will be the official launch on Ethereum Mainnet.

It will mark Curvance's CVE TGE (Token Generation Event).

The goal will be to bootstrap protocol usage in the form of and support for partner project flywheels such as Curve, Convex, and Aura 👇  

🚨Full Protocol Launch🚨


During this period users may exercise their CVE call options.

Also, protocol-owned liquidity will launch on ETH , Arbitrum, and Optimism.

The ratio = 50%/25%/25% - to ensure liquid markets are available👇

🧵In Conclusion...🙏


Curvance is a well-designed omnichain liquidity protocol looking to strategically position itself in the ever-chaging Defi landscape.

There's lots of innovation, soo...

Keep your eyes 👀 on it! 



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