What is Nansen.ai? Everything You Need to Know

analysis Aug 19, 2022
What is nansen.ai

So, what is nansen.ai?

Nansen.ai is a blockchain analytics service that combines on-chain data with proprietary “wallet-labeling” techniques to allow its users to “surface the signal” inside the data.

Currently, the platform provides on-chain analysis tools for the following blockchains:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Polygon
  3. Fantom
  4. Celo
  5. Avalanche
  6. BSC
  7. Ronin

Nansen offers a wide range of cool features/tools( too many to list here). One such feature is called the “wallet profiler” dashboard,  which affords users insight into specific wallet addresses.

The wallet profiler dashboard shows all the “labels” (i.e. High Activity, Metamask  Swap User, Elite Dex Trader, etc.) associated with a wallet address, as well as it’s token balances, all-time activity, activity based on days of the week/hours of the day, wallet counter parties (wallets it has interacted with), and NFT activity. It’s all quite comprehensive!

However, the main product/feature is what Nansen calls “Token & NFT God Mode.” These special dashboards display a variety of on-chain metrics for tokens and NFTs, mostly updated in real-time.

For example, for tokens, the following metrics are currently available:

  1. Token Balances: Exchanges vs Dex Traders
  2. Tokens on Exchanges (Last 60 Days)
  3. Top Exchanges (w/7d Balance Change)
  4. Addresses depositing/withdrawing to/from exchanges
  5. Balance Changes (Last 7 Days)
  6. Top Transactions (Last 7 Days)
  7. Top Balances
  8. Token Seniority Distribution
  9. Uniques Addresses for Token
  10. Token Price
  11. Weekly Trades per DEX
  12. Latest DEX Trades

NFT data is similarly categorized. The following NFT metrics are currently available:

  1. Average Price and Volume
  2. Price Range
  3. Individual Transactions
  4. Transactions & Buyers
  5. Balance Changes
  6. Top Balances
  7. Top Balances Over Time
  8. Smart Money Over Time
  9. Settlement Currency
  10. Sale Platform
  11. Seniority Distribution
  12. Unique Addresses
  13. Smart Money Owners
  14. % Holding 1 NFT Only
  15. Top Diamond Hands
  16. Balance of Diamond Hands
  17. Profit Leaderboard
  18. Top 5 Addresses Buying
  19. Smart Money Buying
  20. Rarity Information

Although these two dashboards, “Token God Mode” & “NFT God Mode,” provide most of the metrics required to generate BrainYield’s Token/NFT ratings, Nansen offers its users much more than that!

They have entire dashboards dedicated to specific parts of the market, such as Stablecoins, Smart Money Activity, Ethereum gas activity, Layer 1 & 2 blockchains, and Dapps, like $AAVE & $LIDO, just to name a few!

Indeed, Nansen is quickly positioning itself as an indispensable tool for any serious cryptocurrency analyst or investor. If you’d like to know more about the on-chain metrics nansen.ai provides, and how to analyze the market using them follow us on twitter @brainyield_!