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So, you've got Nansen (yay) but right now your budget dictates that you're researching by yourself. However...


⏰ You're wasting far too much time experimenting and trying to get everything set up, you want to understand this so you can do YOUR work, not get held back by learning curves!

👨‍💻 You have loads of questions and want tech help and support from someone who actually knows what they're doing! (without feeling bad for asking too many questions) Oh and you don't have the budget to hire someone for consulting help as much as you'd love that.

😖 You think Nansen is amazing and want to learn how to use it yourself, but right now it's making you feel a little bit stupid (and you know you're far from stupid!)

💻 You're getting overwhelmed with the different help options (that don't always help) and just want one go to place, to get information you can trust.

🤷‍♀️ You're not sure that you're setting everything up in the right way and it's stressing you out (and taking all your time!)


Brainyield Explorers was created to help people who struggle with the learning curve of data analysis and research on Nansen.ai. It's perfect for you if...


⚡ You'd love some help trying out some advanced features of Nansen to really make the most of your investment.

😊 You'd love a friendly place to get personalized help with Nansen when you need it - maybe even a personal video guide to specifically help you with your exact issue.

🙏 You think it would be awesome to meet others on the crypto industry investment journey, performing due diligence on Nansen.

📈 You'd love to up your research and analysis game with workshops and mini courses on trading strategies like smart money activity, stablecoin flows, and more!

Become So Confident Using Nansen, That You'll Feel Like An Expert Yourself!

When You're Inside Brainyield Explorers You'll Get ALL THIS!


✅ Ongoing support for your Nansen issues with WEEKLY live coaching Q&A calls with theGuy. Submit your questions and get video help and advice on your research and analysis questions.

✅ Say goodbye to learning curve headaches with Workshops + Mini Courses covering topics like setting up smart alerts  in Nansen, how to find market alpha without a VIP Nansen subscription (so you don't have to upgrade your account) and how to develop trading strategies that work for you.

✅ Personalized advice from Nansen experts, so you can get all your on-chain analysis questions answered in our private community.

✅ The opportunity to get a coaching hotseat and walkthrough your Nansen setup.

✅ Step by step and easy to understand tutorials in our ever growing on-chain and technical analysis library.

✅ Confirmation you're using the tools correctly, with ClickUp checklist style process guides to take you step by step through all the fundamentals.

✅ Don't worry about how to interpret crypto market news and developments, as Brainyield Explorers membership includes Nansen VIP Research TLDRs and analysis! 

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  • Workshops + Mini Courses
  • Q&A Help in private Discord Group
  • Nansen tutorial library
  • Technical Analysis library
  • Step by Step ClickUp process guides (coming soon)
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Think Of It Like Your Nansen Help Insurance Policy, So You Can Get Support When You Need It!

Hey there, I'm theGuy 👋

As a crypto market strategist and Nansen.ai expert, I'm the weirdo who finds on-chain and technical analysis FUN! Yessir, I'll talk your head off about Nansen, trading, and investing in crypto until the sun comes up and do it all again at brunch. 

Finding creative solutions to make Nansen.ai do what you need, or thinking outside the box for alternatives, lights me up and brings me joy. 

I live in the leafy woodlands of the Blockchain Ecosystem and love working with new crypto traders and investors to help make their journeys a success (and help reduce the learning curve stress).

I created Brainyield Explorers to help you learn on-chain analysis quickly, so you can see those life-changing gains you've heard so much about!


The A's to your Q's

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to spend your time doing the work you love, instead of wasting it on learning curve headaches, join Brainyield Explorers to get all the help and growth insights you need to become a #CryptoChad

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