Power Hour 💥 Digital Product/Nansen Strategy call with theGuy ($420.69)

Power Hour 💥 Digital Product/Nansen Strategy call with theGuy

To save time and get things done quickly, sometimes you need a specialist on your side

  • Need help working out if you've set up your Nansen workflows correctly?
  • Wondering if you're using the tools and dashboards correctly?
  • Want an expert to guide you through the dashboards step by step?
  • Planning to research or invest and want to brainstorm strategy? 


Hi I'm theGuy, your friendly crypto expert strategist. I love on-chain data and especially adore Nansen.ai.

60 minutes with me, could save you days of hair-pulling frustration.

We'll dive into Nansen together on zoom, with the session recorded so you can refer back to it later.

We can usually cover 2-3 issues on a call. It's your chance to have my Nansen fueled data-loving brain on tap, to help set up or check your smart alerts, research strategies, data insights and processes etc. 

Once the order is processed, you can choose a time on my calendar. You should be able to find a time within the next week, however, you can use this session at any time you like (there is no expiry)

If you can't find a time that suits you, please email [email protected] and Jose our project manager might be able to sneak you on to my secret calendar earlier.

I am on Eastern Standard Time but have flexible time options for all time zones.